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  • 6/27/14
    The Norman Law Firm's client Mr. Rogers was charged with assault and resisting an officer after an altercation which the arresting officer instigated. The trial ended in hung jury, meaning all charges will be dropped if no further action is taken. Read more about Mr. Rogers.

  • 4/30/14
    The Norman Law Firm settles Johnson v. City of Seaford for $270,000. Mr. Johnson was wrongfully arrested, tased, beaten and threatened to be shot. The officers later joke about planting illegal drugs in the victims car. The incident was caught on video.

  • 12/31/13
    The Norman Law Firm's real estate department, SPN Title Services, has reached its goal of becoming ALTA Best Practices Compliant by the end of the year. These practices protect all parties involved in a real estate closing and ensure all aspects of the settlement are done in accordance with the law.

  • 11/22/13
    The Norman Law Firm files a class action lawsuit against the city of Wilmington, Delaware, on behalf of plaintiffs who were unreasonably and illegally handcuffed, transported, searched, and imprisoned by officers of the Wilmington Police Department. If you have been abused by the Wilmington Police Department, we urge you to visit www.wilmingtonclassaction.com

  • 11/21/13
    The Norman Law Firm's Stephen P. Norman was recognized as Delaware's Top Civil Litigation Lawyer of 2013 by Delaware Today.

  • 11/19/13
    The Norman Law Firm welcomes attorney Benjamin T. Gichner! Gichner is a Delaware native and will be handling real estate closings as well as other legal and estate matters. Ben graduate from Penn State University, and had interned with firms across Delaware, Vermont, and South Carolina. More about Benjamin Gichner.

  • 5/31/13
    The Norman Law Firm will represent a plaintiff who filed an excessive force violation against four Dewey Beach officers. The officers ripped him out of his vehicle, which caused it to start rolling. The plaintiff is charging the arresting officer with excessive force, unlawful detention, and infliction of emotional distress. Read more about Mr. Wedell.

  • 4/15/10
    The Norman Law Firm launches their new cutting edge website which utilizes embedded technology to personalize the attorney/client relationship, login securely to access your legal documents, enter client data online, and provide additional value by adding efficiency to the relationship with our clients.

  • 4/8/10
    The Norman Law Firm last month filed a variety of cases in federal and state court in both Delaware and Maryland asserting the rights of our clients ranging from violations of their civil rights, employment discrimination, severe personal injury, and asserting the rights of homeowner's against non-responsive lenders.

  • 4/2/10
    The Norman Law Firm launches new cost cutting technology to more efficiently obtain client information on bankruptcy filings which allows us to pass on the savings to our clients.

  • 3/31/10
    The Norman Law Firm gets ready to launch initiative to provide secure login information to our past and current clients so they may securely access their legal documents online through our new website.

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